Coinwages is a cryptocurrency project with the aim of equal wealth distribution and opportunities. join the train now to become empowered towards achieving your goals and sailing through the economic bias.

Many life-changing schemes are presently under this project, click the button below to explore them and join those suitable for your economic demand and be rest assured

The official token of the this platform is Coinwages (CWG) this is a token under the waves platform

Coinwages (CWG) token is currently available on one exchange; waves exchange and can be traded for waves and other cryptocurrencies. We are listing on many other exchanges soon

Coinwages (CWG) is a basic distribution token and all the available tokens will be distributed every week. You can be a part of those who get free CWG by joining the CWG Disburse or Profit Hunter scheme. You can also get free CWG for registering and referring friends and by participating in the forum

Explore Our Schemes:

CWG Disburse

Earn free CWG tokens by joining this scheme, just stake your CWG tokens and get 30% of what you stake as your share of the token distribution

Loan – Legal HYIP

This looks like an HYIP scheme but a lot better, legal and secure. You are given a 100% of what you invested for 6 days to be repaid in the next four months making it legal and secure and not having to worry about possible loss of fund. Explore this scheme

Profit Hunter

Invest some BTC for one month, it will be added to a pool, various trading will be done with the pool to achieve maximum profit after which the profit and some CWG will be distributed to all investors according to the percentage of their investment in the pool