Coinwages (CWG) Token is the official token of the Coinwages platform. it is operated under the Waves platform so to save CWG token you need a waves wallet Click here to know thow to get one

The token is a Basic distribution token all it supply will be distributed weekly. to get a share of the distribution, join any of our scheme; CWG Disburse or Profit Hunter. CWG is also awarded for site registration, referral and site participation click here to know more

Various of our schemes are protecting the token demand and supply, to keep it very valuable and in a trading process. The price of 1 CWG is currently 0.1 USD

CWG token is currently listed on one exchange; Waves Decentralised Exchange with 17 trading pairs, you can get an initial CWG from Coinwages (CWG)/BTC, Coinwages (CWG)/ETH and Coinwages (CWG)/WAVES trading pairs. Many other exchanges will be announced in the coming months. Click here to know how to trade CWG token

Token Information

Total Token Supply
Percent Distributed Token

Asset name: Coinwages (CWG)

Asset ID: wsQUgjSjDs42obtXno7sx7HcXKbmuheJ2DFhdLE5xRm

Initial price: 0.1 USD