Coinwages is a financial project that hopes to employ the qualities of cryptocurrency in giving every person equal opportunities. Many schemes are currently under this project and many are to be added, all are aimed at helping users achieve financial stability.

The various schemes are explained below:

CWG Disburse

Coinwages (CWG) token is a basic distribution token and will always be distributed every week, this scheme is the distribution process:

Users will deposit an amount of CWG to the provided wallet on the scheme page, the deposit will reflect within a period of 24 hours. the token will be in incubation for a period of 7 days. after that, the invested CWG will be sent back to the user plus a 30% CWG of what he invested. CWG is already available on the waves platform exchange.

Loan - Legal HYIP

Users will invest an amount of BTC by sending it to the address provided on the scheme page. The investmet will be in incubation period for 6 days then the amount invested and a 100% loan will be sent back to the user to be paid back in four months

addresses that failed to pay back at least 25% of their debt in the first two months will be blacklisted and won’t be giving any other loan until they pay back

Profit Hunter

This scheme is to assemble as much capital power as possible, usually having a lot of capital for investments is more profiting than just a little capital. to make this possible, users will invest an amount of BTC for 1 month, between 25 and 30 of the previous month, then all the BTC will be gathered in a pool and will be used for different profit-seeking trades for a month by expert traders

At the end of the month, the profit gained and a bonus CWG will be publicly visible on the scheme page. All of it will be shared between investors according to the percentage of their investment in the total pool, their original investment will also be returned to them.

The Ecosystem

Coinwages already created a path for the infinite functioning of its schemes. The most endangered one being the Loan – Legal HYIP scheme. To keep this scheme working, users are implored to pay-up there loan but in occasion of non payment, the companies fund will be used to backup those default zone to keep it moving. That is why we already have own own token that can be used to back up the case of non-payment of loans. Default addresses are also blacklisted and payment is extracted first before any other loan is given to the address.