Welcome to the Profit Hunter section

Here investors invest any amount of Bitcoin (BTC)  for a period of one month; various trading is done with the total pool by experts and profit is generated as much as possible, the total profit and a dedicated amount of CWG tokens is then shared among investors in the percentage of each investor’s investment in the total pool. The amount to be shared in profit and disbursement each month is available below in (This Month’s Pool). To know more about how this works click here

Deposit your Bitcoin (BTC) amount to the wallet below; copy the address or scan the QR code.

NOTE: Deposit is currently not available.

Deposits are accepted from 25th to 30th of every month for the next month’s investment.

Bitcoin Address :

Your deposit will be listed in a period not more than 24 hours. If after 24 hours you haven’t seen your deposit below, contact us here stating your transaction hash


PAID: most recent monthly payment which include the amount invested, the profit and some CWG tokens

INVESTMENTS: received investments waiting for the 1 month period

success button: amount sent back to investor

Waiting button: your deposited investment waiting for the 1 week period

This Month's Pool:


waiting to be disclosed


waiting to be disclosed


waiting to be disclosed

Bitcoin Address Invested Amount Date Received Percent of Total Pool Disbursing Date Status
1AFFVV2crDG1uL637eFGUCcX4uAHC6xvXv (Exhibit) 0.05 BTC April 25 2019 0.1 % May 30 2019
Bitcoin Address Invested Amount Date Received Percentage of Total Pool Disbursed Amount Disburse Date Status
1AFFVV2crDG1uL637eFGUCcX4uAHC6xvXv (exhibit) 0.05 BTC March 25 2019 0.1 % 1 BTC, 50 CWG April 30 2019